Once upon a time one competition was going on in the forest. Who can climb a big banyan tree was the competition. All the animals gathered around the huge banyan tree that was without any branches till a great length. Animals were struggling to climb the tree but in vain, as there were no branches. One after another animals came forward to try their luck, but failed miserably. During this chaos one small frog came forward and started climbing. Other animals starting making fun of him & Pooh poohed him, telling ‘even the bigger lot could not do much, then what about this tiny one? Some of the friends of this tiny frog too tried to dissuade him. But nothing deterred him. He started climbing steadily and reached the mark within a short time. Then the scene changed even the ones who made fun of him started praising him. Some even started enquiring, ‘tell us what was the secret that prompted you to continue even when we discouraged and criticized you? ’ But he did not give any answer. Then finally from the crowd the mother of  this tiny frog came forward and said, ‘he is deaf from birth, ‘can’t hear anything what you say.’

Yes, we need to be deaf & dumb certain times in life. We need to be deaf towards certain criticisms, discouraging words, dissuading approaches even that of our friends. If we are to seek answer to every questions that arises and respond to anything and everything that comes on the way then we may lose our precious time and may even be disoriented and lose the tracks, so better to be silent, deaf, dumb and oriented.  Let those backbiters, dissauders and critiques do their duty. Don’t waste time to answer every query and nothing should deter you and it is better to be deaf and dumb once in a while to be successful and happy in life.


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