School Administration
Carmel education family is dedicated to Jesus Christ, the Supreme Guru and exemplary model of excellence and service. The aim of education of Carmel is derived from the Holy Bible where Jesus Christ declared the aim of His incarnation as,"I have come that they may have life and have it in its fullness". Imbibing this spirit, Carmel education system concentrates on the integral growth and total formation of the human person with a view to empowering the person to create a society inspired by the basic values of service in love, peace rooted in justice and fellowship based on equality. It leads to ones own enrichment and to the service of the society and nation.

Our School management comprises of a team of dedicated and experienced sisters.

1. Rev. Sr. Modesta (School Manager)
2. Rev. Sr. Rosmy (School Principal)
3. Rev. Sr. Anija (School Vice Principal)
4. Rev. Sr. Lyza (Finance Officer)
5. Rev. Sr. Johnsy Mathews (School Counsellor)
6. Rev. Sr. Jasmin (School Counsellor)
7. Rev. Sr. Rubina (Headmistress of Hindi Medium)
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