Principal 's Desk
Dear parents, guardians, teachers and students of Carmel family, 
“Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life.” 
Welcome back after a great summer! Summer vacation is a very special time for children as they cherish many happy memories of fun as a family. Hoping that all enjoyed many opportunities and shared glad moments together, I would like to welcome all back to the daily routine of class work, home work, school activities and so on. As I look back to the academic session 2017-18, together with our parents, guardians, teaching and non-teaching staff and my dear students, I lift up my heart to the Almighty God in thanking him for his manifold blessings on Carmel family. Timely response from parents and staff made it easy for me to work meticulously in the year 2017-18. I also take this opportunity to congratulate all the students of our institute who worked whole heartedly and brought laurels in the academic session 2017-18. Undoubtly, our students have achieved a lot spiritually, academically, socially and this will surely help them to excel in all facets of life.
 The strength of our school community and whole hearted passion to make our school a wonderful place of learning for our children makes Carmel family a special place. Entrusting all our new endeavors at the feet of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, our Heavenly Patroness, let us march forward to another great year 2018-19. 

 Unwrap the year with the vim of enthusiasm,
 Kindle the lamp with the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, 
Ignite your heart and mind to excel. 
And Stop not till you reach your goal. 

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