Our Mission & Motto

The open book inside the globe stands for knowledge which is imparted to millions of people in the universe. It is a symbol of enlightenment of mind and intellect. The flame of light signifies the wisdom of God for it is God who gives knowledge, understanding and insight. One has to strive for it with all earnestness and sincerity and endeavour to radiate this light to every corner of the world.

The cross behind stands for the cross of Christ who gave his life as a ransom for many, for greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Jesus death on the cross brought eternal life and salvation to mankind. It is through suffering, renunciation and self-sacrifice that man humanises himself and fulfils his spiritual aspirations.

Yes, let us march towards a better world where every human being enjoys perfect peace, joy and concord. Let us put in all our efforts to build up a better human society where there is no discrimination on account of caste, colour or creed. It is a brave new world where everyone will feel and experience true love, fraternity and unity.

"My idea of education is to bring out the creativity of the individual. When creativity and righteousness blend, we will have enlightened citizens who will be brave in facing the challenges of life." (A.P.J. Kalam)

The Facilities
The facilities offered to the students include well equipped science laboratories, well stacked library with books on all subjects, highly advanced computer lab, well maintained

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