Curriculum Highlights

The academic programmes are complemented by opportunities for students to participate in varied dynamic extracurricular and leadership activities as well as community service initiatives. Sports activities include Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Aerobics, Track and Field events, Table Tennis, Karate, Gymnastics and Band. These co-curricular activities help the students to explore the hidden potential and to excel in various fields.

The school aims to encourage creative and unfettered imagination in students and teachers through the following activities. Drawing and Painting, Toy making, Card making, Clay modelling, Fabric painting, Collage making, Cartoon making, Needle work, Best out of waste, Album making, Project presentation, Model and Chart making, Gardening, Creative writing, Poem composition. Extempore, Dramatics, Debating, Public Speaking, Quizzing, Classical and Folk Dance, Class picnics. Moreover, keeping in mind the Indian values and tradition efforts are taken to inculcate the values of integrity, brotherhood, patriotism etc.

Role of Clubs
Academic club, Literary Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Eco Friendly Club, Social Service Cluh & Maths Club are functional in the school and students from prima.Classes onwards join the club according to their interest and choice. Clubs provide opportunities to students to express and exchange their creative ideas and to develop problem solving skills.

Social conscience
Carmel understands the fact that no institution has the right to exist as island of excellence - and prosperity surrounded by poverty and ignorance. Though we may not be able to remove poverty and suffering from our country we do what little we can do to alleviate the suffering of our less fortunate brethren in our immediate neighborhood. We see Gods face in every human being and reach out to the less privileged brethren through different social service activities. The management, staff and students participate in this noble endeavour by extending generous financial assistance to local medium schools, S.O.S. Villages, Old age homes, Sishu Bhavans, Slum dwellers and to Prisoners. We try to bring them to the main stream through friendly visits, awareness classes and entertainment programmes. This process of sharing and caring inculcates ideals of community service and social skills in the minds of students.

Salient Features
  • Basic skill learning and developing fundamental academic competence and paramount goals in our education system. Other goals espoused by the school include developing a love of learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills, aesthetic appreciation, curiosity and creativity and interpersonal competence.
  • Carmel believes that sky is the limit for trying innovative ideas in different fields. The school provides an ideal place for students to live and to learn. Learning is lifelong process and this is the message, which the school seeks to give to its students and all who are associated with it.
  • The school promotes confidence, faith in thought, courage in deeds, wisdom in words and service in life. Thus the school prepares conscious alert individuals, competent of fulfilling their responsibilities effectively.
  • Carmel gives special attention to gifted children and slow learners. School conducts enrichment sessions and promotes progress, prosperity and welfare of the gifted children. Slow learners are encouraged and strengthened by setting up of objectives, adoption of suitable approaches to treat, train, and acquire remodel behaviour patterns for better performance, personality ersonality enhancement programme for acquiring superior skills through motivational strategies, attitudinal change, and personality development programme. School management and the motivated and committed staff members constantly strive for the academic excellence, personality development and character formation of students to help them attain highest potential. From primary class onwards children are given psychological insights and counselling to train them to manage their emotion successfully and to accept success and failure & joy and sorrow with equanimity. Career guidance is given to the students to explore careers in engineering, medicine, navy, air force, computer science, chartered accountancy & law. The annual awards day, sports day cultural fest science and craft exhibition form the essential feature of Carmel. The teachers attend various training programme to update their knowledge and methodology.
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