• Begin your day with a prayer, invoking Gods blessings on the day’s work. Start your work trusting in God.
    • Keep your mind, body and dress clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
    • Ask your parents, teachers and elders to bless you. They will pray for you, guide you and enlighten you.
    • Be punctual and regular for your school and other activities. We can reach a peak of success if we develop the habit of being punctual and regular in every act of ours.
    • Speak well of others. Try to see good points in others. Encourage and praise people for their good deeds.
    • Practice good manners. Make frequent use of the magic words ‘Please’, ‘Thankyou’.
    • Obey the rules of your school, games, roads, etc.
    • Study hard daily at fixed hours. Come out with flying colours in examinations.
    • Do Good. Try to do as many good acts as possible everyday.
    • Admit your mistakes. Thank God for all His help. Ask pardon from God for your mistakes before going to Bed.


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