19-Jan- 2018

"Future belongs to those who have great dreams". On this note the students of class XII were bid farewell. The school manager Rev. Sr. Modesta graced the occasion and the day had a solemn beginning with a special prayer service by the students of class 11th in which they wished and prayed for their seniors. This was followed by official handing over of the school flag by school head boy and head girl to the school vice captain. The school principal Rev. Sr. Rosmy, in her speech quoted, "If you cannot fly try to run, if you cannot run try to walk, if you cannot walk try to crawl, but don't stop just move ahead." With these words she blessed the students and reiterated that wherever they go they should be the ambassadors of Carmel. During the occasion, Sneha Ghosh Dastidar and Akshat Shukla were adjudged 'Miss' and 'Master' Carmel respectively for their outstanding performance during their schooling. Various other titles like Most Regular, Best in Academics, Best in sports, Best Musician, Best Singer, Best Dances, Best Disciplined student etc, were given to the students. At the end of the programme, the school head boy Austin Tom Kuriakose proposed the vote of thanks.
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